Our target groups are:

o Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with their high potential of innovative ideas and their flexible market access, which often lack processes and resources for innovation projects.
o Young companies that can use comprehensive support and some good tips in the turbulent early days of.
o Research institutes aiming at cooperation and technology transfer with companies
o Development, innovation departments of large enterprises for which specific services and project tasks can be performed.
o Public Programs of governmental organizations in order to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of funding and impulse programs
o International Project Partners can be supported by initiating cooperation, project contents and distribution channels.

Premise of our work are the following benefits for our clients:

o Innovation risks are softened by profound project planning and funding of project costs.
o The potential for innovation is better exploited through targeted cooperation and communication.
o Sustainability and success will be ensured by the involvement of stakeholders and the interests of the environment.